GENES AND GENOMES – THE BETA PROJECT is a digital initiative that aims to offer educational materials for teaching and learn genetics and genomics open for High School level.  This project begins in 2020 within the framework of the Beta program of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso carried out in the midst of the pandemic produced by the SARS COV-2 virus.

The course encourages active learning through the use of modern genetic tools available on the internet such as gene and genome databases and genetics software based mainly on the R programming language. This allows students to discover for themselves the fascinating and sometimes mysterious world of genes and genomes.

Opinions about our course

  • When choosing the course, this was the one that made me the most interesting and I have really learned a lot, both in terms of subject matter and in the programs to be used. If the next semester is this same course I would clearly choose it again.

  • The classes were very good, teacher did very well.

  • I liked the course and the teacher explained very well, 100% Recommended.

  • I really liked the course, since the teacher is very dedicated to the students, the classes are very fun and interesting, and it is also related to what I want to study in higher education.

  • It was a course in which one can learn many things, questions were always welcome.

  • Very good this course, I learned a lot, final project was difficult to code, but I was able to do it thanks to the teacher’s patience.

  • I congratulate the teacher for his great patience and way of explaining things, without these characteristics, the course would have been quite complicated.

  • Lessons were very didactic and funs.

Final project examples (Slidy presentations encoded with Rmarkdown)

Medicamento Transgénico PUREGON



Lecciones del curso Genes y genomas (2020)

Lección 1 – Presentación del curso

Lección 2 – ¿Por qué algunos animales son albinos?

Lección 3 – Explora el Genoma humano y conoce el gen ABO

Lección 4 -¿Por qué mi mascota tiene ese color de pelo?

Lección 5a – Aprende a programar con R en 7 pasos

Lección 5b – ¿Cómo elaborar genealogías de enfermedades hereditarias con R?

Lección 6 – ¿Qué es el parentesco y cómo calcularlo?

Lección 10 – ¿Qué es la genética forense?

Lección 12 ¿Que son las mutaciones?

Books and manuals

J. A. Gallardo and N. Delgado. 2020. Genomics R: The project Beta.








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